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"Kingdom" is an epic drama about the unification of China. The total number of comic books in circulation is close to 100 million copies. In this article, I would like to  introduce the secret of its popularity.

The synopsis of the "Kingdom"


The historical series takes place during China's Warring States period and it based around the life of orphan Shin. The story focuses on the activities of the future First Emperor of China, the 31st Qin King "Eisei", who aims to unify China, and the hero, Shin, who aims to become the " Great General of the Heavens".

Through various battles, Shin, a war orphan, come to have his own unit " Hishintai (飛信隊)" and learns what it means to fight. Can the boy become a great general of the heavens? This is a story you won't want to miss!!!!! 

The main characters



He is the main character of this work. He grew up strong and tough with "Hyou", who was like a brother to him, while pursuing his dream of becoming a great general of the heavens. He is sad and angry after Hyou's sudden death, but he joins forces with the young King of  Qin, "Eisei", who is the exact duplicate of Hyou, to fight to stop a coup d'etat.


Hyou, a dignified and wise man who grew up like a brother to Shin. Then there is the young King of Qin, Eisei, who has the same appearance as Hyou. Hyou, who had a face idential to Eisei's, had died in his place. Although he is resented by Shin, they gradually become good partners.

Karyo Ten(河了貂)

She is a single girl who protects herself by wearing straw in the shape of a bird. She meets Shin and Eisei on the road, and together they set out for the royal capital. Because she pretends to be a boy, Shin has always thought of her as a boy.

Kyo Kai(羌瘣)

Kyo Kai is a female swordsman who is the second-in-command of the "Hishintai" led by the main character, Qin Warlord Shin. She excels in individual valor, and her "Mibu" dance, in which she uses a special breathing technique to fight, is a spectacular sight as she defeats her enemies as if she were dancing. She is also a skilled tactician and an excellent general.

My favorite characters

You Tanwa(楊端和)

"You Tanwa", the king of the mountain people, is called the " Death King of the Mountain World" and is feared by other peoples. She built the strongest kingdom in the mountain world with masked and armed mountain people, and was actually a beautiful woman. She protected her kingdom with her overwhelming brains and strength. Her strength is not only her power but also her inner strength. She is sure to make everyone a fan!!!!!

General Ouki(王騎将軍)

Known as the " Monster Bird of Qin", he was once a general who was famous throughout the country. Although a legendary hero, Ouki has an air of mistery about him that is difficult to grasp. Despite his strong and rugged appearance, he has a unique way of speaking. He is the admired general of the main character, Shin. He, too, has inner strength and makes us think about the meaning of "strength".

Highlights of "Kingdom"

In Japan, this work is well known as a business book. It is a manga that is read more by adults than by children, and why is that?? The battles depicted in "Kingdom"are not simply fought with military might, but also involve complex strategies and tactics, which are very instructive. The strong generals in the game are divided into two main types: the "intelligent" type, who make fulluse of strategy and tactics, and the "instinctive" type, who use their instincts to avoid traps and push forward. This is also true in today's business world.

General Ouki's (王騎将軍) final scene


The scene I recommend most is the final scene of "General Ouki". For those who have not read the book yet, I will not go into details, but the life of "General Ouki" makes us think about what exactly leadership is. To become a leader that people trust and want to follow, we need to learn how to live like "General Ouki". "General Ouki" has attracted many people. You will surely become a fan, too!!!

The growth of "Shin"


The best part of the entire volume is the growth of the main character "Shin". We are inspired to see how a boy who was a war orphan learns swordsmanship, goes through many battles, and grows into a leader with a hundred, a thousand, and three thousand men under his command. Just as in our real-life business scene, we see ourself in "Shin", who grows despite being thwarted by bosses who try to take credit for his work and colleagues who try to drag him down.

Anime and live-action movie are also popular!!!

Due to its popularity, not only a manga, but also an anime and a live-action movie have been released!! Unfortunately, the English version of the manga has not yet been published (only an illegal version is available), so I recommend that you watch the anime and movie first!!!!!

Animation "Kingdom"


The animated version of "Kingdom" is available on many VOD in Japan, but if you want to watch it in English, you can watch the third season on Blu-ray or DVD.

Live-action movie "Kingdom"


The Kingdom is being made into movies in 2019 and 2022. Currently, only the 2019 live-action movie is available on DVD and Blu-ray in English. As of now (November 2023), it is also available on Netflix! Watch it before it's distribution ends!!!

💡Finally, the third live-action "Kingdom" movie, "Kingdom of Destiny" has been released in Japan (July 28, 2023).

It may be released in North America and other countries as well, so let's look forward to it!!!!!

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