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  Privacy Policy 

 Last updated: ​(16/11/2023)

This document describes our policy on the protection and appropriate handling of personal information on this blog (japanize-note).

Purpose of Use of Personal Information

This blog may ask you to register your personal information such as your name (handle name) and e-mail address when you contact us by e-mail or register for our e-mail magazine.

Such personal information will be used only to respond to your questions or to contact you by e-mail with necessary information, and will not be used for any purpose other than that for which the personal information was provided.

Disclosure of Personal Information to Third Parties

The Blog will manage personal information appropriately and will not disclose it to third parties except in the following cases

  • When we have the consent of the person in question.
  • When disclosure is necessary to cooperate with laws and regulations


Disclosure, correction, addition, deletion, or suspension of use of personal information

When a person requests disclosure, correction, addition, deletion, or cessation of use of his/her personal data, we will promptly respond to the request after confirming the person's identity.

Advertisements on the Blog

This blog uses third-party advertising services.

These ad-serving companies may use "cookies" (which do not include your name, address, email address, or phone number) to display advertisements for products and services that may be of interest to you, and information about your visits to our Blog and other sites.

For Google Adsense, please see the Google policies and Terms for more information about this process and how you can prevent this information from being used by ad-serving companies.

Also, with respect to Amazon Associates, as an Amazon Associate, this blog receives revenue from qualified sales.

Advertising Policy

This blog ( distributes articles of a professional and reliable nature. We will strive to update the information from time to time to assist you in choosing the right telecommunication service and comparison criteria. Please note, however, that we are working to address issues that arise due to editing, proofreading, and the passage of time.

How Advertisements are Distributed

Some of the advertisements posted on this blog are done through direct contracts with telecommunications carriers and other advertisers, while others are done through advertising agency affiliate service providers.

External Transmission of Information

When posting advertisements, the Blog transmits the following user access information to external parties in order to measure the effectiveness of the advertisements.

Transmission information

  • URL of the site you visited
  • The date and time the ad was displayed
  • The date and time the ad was clicked.
  • Cookie information necessary to measure the performance-based advertising
  • IP addresses used when displaying and clicking on the advertisements
  • Internet terminal and browser type used when displaying or clicking on the advertisement.

External destination

  • Amazon Associates Program (Amazon)
  • Google Adsense (Google Asia Pacific Pte. Ltd.)

Purpose of Use

This information is used to measure the effectiveness of performance-based advertising and to prevent fraud. This information is not personally identifiable information. Such information will not be used for any purposes other than those stated above.

Advertisements on this blog are mainly delivered via banner links and text links, and do not collect or track browsing history, personal data, etc. of visitors.

 Comments on the Blog

In response to spam and vandalism, the Blog logs the IP address used when commenting. This is a standard feature supported by the blog and we do not use this IP address for any other purpose than to respond to spam and trolls. Please note that all comments will be posted only after the administrator has reviewed and approved their content in advance. In addition, the administrator reserves the right to reject or delete comments that contain any of the following

  • Comments that defame or slander a specific natural or legal person.
  • Comments that contain extremely obscene content.
  • Requests or mediations for prohibited items or acts prohibited by law, such as requests for trading of prohibited items or acts that may harm others.
  • Any other content that is deemed offensive to public order and morals, or that should not be approved by the administrator.



While every effort is made to provide information on this blog that is correct at the time of publication, it is possible that erroneous information may have been included or that information may be out of date.

Please understand that this blog is not responsible for any loss, damage, or other harm caused by the information provided or the links provided.

The linked products are not sold by this blog, but by the respective linked stores. Please contact the respective stores for purchase methods and other inquiries. Please understand that this blog is not responsible for any problems related to product purchases.

About Copyrights

We do not waive the copyright of the information posted on our blog "japanize-note". Quotations from our blog articles can be made free of charge by clearly indicating the source of the quotation. However, full-text reproduction is not permitted. The scope of permitted quotations is subject to change without prior notice. It is also prohibited to use RSS feeds from this blog and plagiarize the contents as they are.

Changes to the Privacy Policy

The Blog will comply with laws and regulations applicable to personal information, and will review and improve this policy as appropriate. The revised and updated Privacy Policy will always be available on this page.

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