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"The Future I Saw" ~The real disaster will come in July 2025~

This is different than anything I've ever seen before! This could be a true prophetic book!!!

As of 2023, do you know about the one book that is making waves in Japan? It is a manga comic about a dream that the manga artist "Ryo Tatsuki" actually had....
In this article, I would like to introduce the contents of this book, which has been the talk of the town all over Japan.

Is the Author "Ryo Tatsuki" a Prophet?

She drew a prophetic comic! What a lie to say, but in her case, it is a little different.
Ryo Tatsuki was involved in a traffic accident when she was 17 years old, after which she began to have  prophetic dreams.
At first, she did not realize that it was a premonitory dream, but when she kept a dream diary because she was curious, she realized that she was having a premonitory dream because "what she saw in her dream happened in reality" one after another.

Predicted the Great East Japan Earthquake

Image:🔗Amazon Japan

※First published in 1999, "The future I saw". Nowadays, they are difficult to obtain and are sold at a high price.

The words "The Great Disaster is March 2011" written near the ring finger of the woman on the cover of the book, referring to that Great East Japan Earthquake, became a topic of conversation throughout Japan 12 years later.

The project to publish this book was to turn a dream diary into a comic book.The dream she had on the closing day of the book's publication was 
like a movie screen with the words,"The catastrophe is in March 2011 .
It is surprising that the dream was written in a hurry to add to it.

In 2021, Revealed a New Prophetic Dream

Newly released "Complete version:The Future I Saw"

※The contents of new dreams she have seen since then have been added.

There are some minor differences, such as the face of the woman who cried in the first edition not crying this time. The "dream diary"written by Ryo Tatsuki is also shown for the first time,which is very interesting.

💡Other prophetic dreams, such as the death of Freddie Marcury in QUEEN, are also introduced here.

Dream of a "Great Disaster" in July 2025

Thus, the actual handwritten notes by Ryo Tatsuki can be seen as they are.

Ryo Tatsuki had an impressive dream on the day of her meeting with the publisher for the publication of this book. The dream was again like a movie with the words
"The real disaster will be in July 2025".
This absolutely had to be written!!! She thought so and hurriedly added to her writing.😱

Three Times the Size of the Great East Japan Earthquake!?

This time, She had a strange dream in which she could ever see the date clearly.

Suddenly, the seafloor between Japan and the Philippines erupted with a bang. As a result, large waves spread out on the ocean surface in all directions, inundating countries around the Pacific Ocean with a massive tsunami.
The tsunami was so huge that it was three times the height of the Great East Japan Earthquake.

Source:The Future I Saw, the Complete Version/Written by Ryo Tatsuki,Asuka Shinsha

Ryo Tatsuki said, "Last time, I couldn't make it (the prediction). But this time, many people are paying attention to my words. If we prepare for disasters in advance, we can limit the damage to a great extent. She said. 

Japan has learned a lot from the Great East Japan Earthquake of 2011. We should prepare and train every day for further disasters.

A Bright Future Seen After the Tsunami

It kind of makes us dread the coming of July 2025, but Ryo Tatsuki says that after this tsunami disaster, she saw a bright future.

She says that after bad events, good events await, and after great calamities, the world will change drastically. Ryo Tatsuki said that she could see images of the entire earth shining brightly, helping each other and living vibrantly, and that the age of the mind will soon come, and the evolution of the heart and soul will take place.

People live hand in hand, helping each other. It is a reassuring message to hear that she saw such an image.

The Key is Preparation and Readiness

After reading this book, the important thing to remember is, "Whether you believe in prophetic dreams or not, I hope you are prepared for disaster as a possibe eventuality."
Even in the Great East Japan Earthquake, people said," Tsunamis dont come this far. It has never happened before." Many people said this and failed to escape. Experience is knowledge, but it can also get in the way of good judgment. It is important to prepare for disasters by imagining what would happen if that were to happen.

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