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Watches. An essential item for both fashion and business scenes. Would you prefer a smartwatch? Nope! Retro watches are cool!!

The Appale Watch and other smartwatches have become mainstream, but Casio's watches are not to be dismissed!! In this article, I would like to introduce the appeal of "CASIO", a leading Japanese manufacturing company.

CASIO Classic Series

Image: CASIO Japan 

The new [CASIO Classic Premium Series], a reissue of the front button models from the late 70's has been available online since October13,2023. [CASIO Classic] is popular for its high cost performance, while maintaining the high design and durability that are Casio's characteristics. 

Image:CASIO Japan

The popular "Premium series" is a full-metal model with a metal finish that enhances the texture, reminiscent of the retro design of the 70's and 80's. The key point is its simple yet eye-catching design, which fits both men and women.

💡The new model to be released is a reissue of the 52QS-14B, a front button model released in the late 1970s, in the same full metal case as at that time. It is a model that collectors can't resist!

👍Available in three color variations, all three models feature LED backlighting to maintain legibility of the watch in the dark, as well as stopwatch, alarm, and other useful functions.

🔶Product Details🔶

CASIO Classic  A1100D / A1100G / A1100B
  • Water Resistant, LED BackLight
  • Daily Alarm, Hourly Time Signal
  • Auto Calender
  • Battery CR1616, Approx. battery life: 3 years
  • Module 593, Size of case/ total weight: 40 × 35 × 9.1mm, 90g

🛒Amazon : CASIO Classic

CASIO Data Bank Series

Imge:CASIO Japan
Casio, originally a calculator manufacturing company, developed this data bank in 1984. It is equipped with a function to store and recall 10 sets of 16-digit alphabets and numbers.

The "Data Bank series", which realized the world's first data bank function as a wristwatch that does not require a phone book, still boasts strong popularity around the world.

Two popular models in Japan

I would like to introduce two types of data banks that are probably the most popular since their launch.

Image: Casio

Coooooool!!!!! Probably the most popular model. This is aparallel import and limited overseas model. The model is thought to be the one used by the popular Japanese actor "Odagiri Joe" in the drama(時効警察 -jikou keisatsu-), which led to its explosive popuarity!

Silver is also available, but gold is still mature and elegant. Currency conversion function, memory function, and a light that comes on at night.

🔶Product Details🔶
  • 25 pages Databank, 8-Digit Calculator, Micro Light
  • World Time, Daily Alarm, Countdown Timer
  • 1/100 second stopwatch, Hourly Time Signal, 12/24 Hour Formats
  • Auto Calendar
  • Battery CR1616, Approx. battery life: 2 years

Item purchased this time^^

And the model I purchased in Vancouver this time, Calculator CA-506✨ For some reason, gold and red brown are hard to find in Japan, or the price seems to be high now. (Red brown is quite precious. I could not find it even in Canada.)

Casio's Data Bank series, known and loved as the "Cheap Casio" in Japan. As the name implies, they are very wallet-friendly!! In case you are wondering, this model was purchased for about C$80 in Canada. However, In Japan, as far as I could find, it is priced between C$120~C$260😱. (as of July 2023, I found it priced at about C$700💦 too expensive). In Japan, prices seem to be going up because of the difficulty in obtaining them.

The size is just right, about the same size as the Apple Watch 40mm. It is a size that both women and men can easily use!

🔶Product Details🔶
  • 8-Digit Calculator
  • Water Resistant
  • 1/100 second stopwatch
  • Auto Calendar(until the year 2079)
  • Dual Time

Casio's masterpiece: G-SHOCK Series

MTG series has evolved so far!
Image: CASIO

When talking about CASIO, the G-SHOCK series should not be forgotten!!! This series is so popular that there are collectors in Japan, and it is surprising that the limited edition models which are no longer available, are traded at high proces.

The G-SHOCK series, which has evolved over the years, can now also be linked to smartphones, making it lighter and more functional. (The MTG series is especially recommended!!)

G-SHOCK has a radio-controlled solar function, excellent shock resistance, and 20 ATM water resistance, making it deal for skiers, snowboarders, mountain climbers, divers, and bikers.

I would also like to recommend Baby-G, which was created as a women's model of G-shock. Why not have a pair with your girlfriend or family?

We live in a world of smartwatches, and Casio's Data Bank series is the pioneer of such smartwatches. Isn't it cool!?✨ There are still more models that I couldn't introduce here, so why don't you find your favorite one??👍

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