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Looking for Japanese whetstones? Here is some recommended brands!!

A whetstone is necessary for knife maintenance. However,there are so many different types and prices that it is hard to know which to choose.
Therefore,in this article,I would like to recommend some Japanese whetstones that I,as a Japanese chef,would like to recommend.

Why do I recommend whetstones?

These days,there are sharpeners that can easily sharpen knives,but they are not actually designed to sharpen knives. Of course,it is a very usefull tool,but it is not the only way to keep a knife sharp.

What is difference between a whetstone and a sharpener

When a sharpener is used,the cutting edge is coarsely sharpened to a jagged edge,giving the illusion of a better sharpness. And also,the disadvantage is that the blade tip becomes rounded after prolonged use.

When sharpened with a roll-type sharpener


On the other hand,when sharpening with a whetstone,the cutting edge becomes wedge-shaped,creating a correctly shaped cutting edge. Since knives come in many different shapes and angles, the best way to sharpen them accordingly is with a whetstone that you can control with your hands.

When sharpened with a whetstone

Sharpness lasts longer with a whetstone

As you can see from the explanation above, a whetstone brings a worn blade close to new condition, while a sharpener makes fine scratches on the blade to prevent it from slipping. Also, due to the construction of the knives, there is a considerable difference when used for long periods of time.

To make the sharpness of knives last longer, Japanese chefs use two types of whetstones. The material of the whetstone is also important and should match the material of the knife.

How can we choose a whetstone?

The most important factor in selecting a whetstone is its compatibility with your knife. There are many types of both natural and artificial whetstones on the market. However, it is also true that there are some stones that do not match your knife at all due to the nature of the stone itself. The most expensive stone is not necessarily the most suitable stone for your knife.

👉Good to Know
  • Choose a soft whetstone for stainless steel knives.
  • Steel knives are suited for hard whetstone.
  • For everyday use, a #1000 or so whetstone called a "medium whetstone(中砥石)" is sufficient.

In addition, the final compatibility should be evaluated by the person who sharpened it, as it depends on his/her own skill and sense of sharpening.


The most recommended brand of Japanese whetstone is "SHAPTON"

SHAPTON Orange #1000

Shapton's whetstones are attractive because of their high abrasive content,which allows them to be sharpened in a short time. They can also be used without soaking in water, so you can start sharpening right away.

A typical product is the "HA NO KUROMAKU" series. It is color-coded according to grain coarseness and comes in a plastic case that doubles as a grinding stone stand. This product is suitable for those who wish to select a suitable whetstone for their blade from a wide range of products. THIS IS A POPULAR BRAND among professionals^^

This is my whetstone for daily use. #1000(Orange).

Also recommended!! "KING"

KING whetstone/Amazon canada
King whetstone produces a wide variety of grinding stones using technology developed through years of research. The result is a sharp sharpening finish as if sharpened with a natural whetstone.

Double-sided whetstone? "Suehiro" is the best!!

This whetstone sold by "Suehiro" is a double-sided type of whetstone,consisting of a #1000 medium whetstone and a #3000 finishing stone. For professional use, it is advisable to have a finishing stone to prolong the sharpness of the knife.

In a word, this brand of whetstone is "well-balanced". It is good balance of not too hard and not too soft, and it feels good in the hand while sharpening. You can sharpen without spending too much time, so there is no problem even for professional use.

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